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16 Nov 2016 Beware

Attention : All CNH Industrial LATAM Suppliers - Legal Entity Merger

Effective from January 1st, all LATAM plants - CNH Industrial Latin America, IVECO Latin America and FPT Industrial Latin America – will get a new legal entity name and single National Register&

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06 Nov 2016

Welcome to the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal

Welcome to the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal, an interactive website developed as a collaboration platform and a communication channel to support processes and activities involving our suppliers. The

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04 Aug 2016

Communication to suppliers : Grader suppliers

Communication to Grader suppliers: EMEA Grader Transfer from Berlin to Lecce PlantWith reference to earlier communication, please be informed that product line transfer from our Berlin site to Lecce P

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29 Mar 2016

To all European Suppliers shipping to Chinese Plant in Harbin 1L via WMF Europe

Dear European supplier, Recently some supplier received the order via CSCN from Harbin Plant directly.Please ignore them. We will sent you  the next requirements under WMFEU flow. Please remember

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08 Feb 2016

Attn: Communication to Suppliers - Transfer EMEA Grader Manufacturing from Berlin to Lecce plant

Communication to suppliers : Transfer EMEA Grader Manufacturing from Berlin to Lecce plant.We hereby make reference to previous press releases related to the upcoming production transfer of CNH grader

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15 Dec 2015

To all suppliers from PLOCK plant

To all CNH PLOCK suppliers,Please read carefully this information.Quality and Purchasing Dept in CNH Ind Plock. 

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02 Dec 2015

Heuliez Bus Rorthais : GO LIVE CSCN!

HEULIEZ BUS Rorthais plant is now in CSCN (CNH Industrial Supplier Collaboration Network).CNH Industrial has developed this Delivery Schedules application. The application has several new functionalit

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