07 Dec 2018

Tiberina Suzzara, our second supplier to achieve WCM Bronze

December 6th was a special day for the World Class Manufacturing program dedicated to our strategic suppliers: the Suzzara plant of Tiberina Group in Italy, which produces Body parts for Light Commercial Vehicles, received the WCM Bronze level certification with a final score of 50 points. For our company, it is the second supplier to achieve this result, a significant step forward in our journey towards excellence.
Francesco Ricci, Head of CNH Industrial Supplier Quality, and Giorgio Ricci, IVECO Suzzara Plant Manager, took part in the final day of the audit in representation of our company. Tiberina was able to reach Bronze thanks to significant improvements in the Technical Pillars (Professional Maintenance) and in the Managerial Pillars (Allocation of Highly Qualified People to Model Areas).

CNH Industrial has extended the WCM program to strategic suppliers in recent years, with the aim to continuously improving our supply chain, and today more than 200 suppliers are involved.