09 Nov 2018

All WMF EMEA suppliers shipping to LATAM, NAFTA, APAC and South Africa


Subject: Operative regulations regarding wood packaging usage for overseas markets

Dear supplier,


Please consider this communication as a reminder to You regarding the regulations for wood packaging exported to overseas markets with special attention on MAPA Standard No. 32/2015 which entered into effect on 1st February 2016.


The norm concerns the application of the ISPM No. 15 Standard for companies producing IPPC/FAO packaging in Italy (FITOK-authorized) and/or suppliers using wood as packaging material for overseas shipments.


  • All ISPM 15 Markets: at least 1 seal must be visible clearly and completely when the packaging is being manipulated.

  • Brazil market (MAPA 32): at least 2 seals must be visible clearly and completely when the packaging is being manipulated and it is compulsory that these are positioned on 2 opposite sides of the rack.


The seals have to be visible and readable completely, whole in their form (including the frame) and proportional in relation to the wooden packaging they are applied on.


We kindly ask you to transmit, whenever necessary, the information regarding the ISPM treatment and seal application to all your logistics providers and auxiliary materials suppliers.


The conformity of the above will be checked while receiving the material and during handling and in case any anomalies should emerge the material could be refused and/or eventual extra costs linked with the extra handling and additional treatment will be, prior written warning, charged to you.



WMF EMEA Material Management