25 Feb 2019

To the attention of common CNH Industrial/FCA suppliers only: Portal access credentials change

To the attention of common CNH Industrial and FCA suppliers ONLY.


Dear Suppliers,

As previously communicated, due to the CNH Industrial's supplier database split from the FCA one, your FCA credentials are not valid anymore to access the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal and the FGPS portal for the CNH Industrial related activities (in particular, bids). You now need dedicated CNH Industrial credentials instead.

• On February, 24th, an e-mail was sent to you from the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal with your new CNH Industrial user id and a separate one with your new password. The new user id will maintain the same mapping of the old one, so you will be able to access the same information and use the same applications as before, without any additional actions from your side.

• Your FCA user id and password will remain unchanged and valid for managing FCA related activities on FCA Applications (e.g. Capex&Services Sourcing Tool).

Should you experience any issues with your new CNH Industrial credentials, please send an email to the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal access helpdesk: supplieraccess@cnhind.com.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards,

CNH Industrial Purchasing Team