31 Oct 2018

IMPORTANT: CNH Industrial Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment questionnaire 2018

Dear Suppliers,

We would like to invite you to take part in our yearly Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment questionnaire.

The questionnaire is an important tool supporting our responsible approach to the supply chain management. As a world sustainability leader, CNH Industrial considers essential that also suppliers’ business conduct and operations are in line with the highest standards of sustainability. Therefore, the results of the self-assessment will be reflected on the Supplier Scorecard, evaluating suppliers eligible to be quoted for business.

Assessment information should be an overall view of the entire organization, including all subsidiary locations.

All companies should provide their SSSA questionnaire via the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal https://supplier.cnhind.com/supplier/. To access the questionnaire, it is necessary to log in to the Portal and have the user id configured the in Sustainability functional group. Please see the attached guide for related instructions.

In case of questions, please refer to the “Contact Us” section of the Supplier Portal and “Help” button in the header of the assessment platform.

The deadline to complete the self-assessment questionnaire is Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

Thank you for your participation in this essential program.


CNH Industrial Sustainability Team