02 Dec 2019

Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire 2019 | INVITATION

Dear Suppliers,

We would like to invite you to take part in our Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire 2019. The initiative is part of the process that CNH Industrial developed to assess suppliers on sustainability issues, and to promote the high sustainability standards in suppliers’ business management.

As you may have seen, in 2019 CNH Industrial was named as Industry Leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the ninth consecutive year. Sustainability initiatives are an integral part of our business, and they include active engagement in reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, improving occupational safety and promoting a life-cycle thinking approach, while engaging employees, suppliers, and local communities.

CNH Industrial considers essential that also suppliers’ business conduct and operations are in line with the highest standards of sustainability, therefore your participation in the questionnaire will be very important for us and will be reflected on the Supplier Scorecard.

• All companies should provide their SSSA questionnaire via the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal: MENU > Modules > Quality > Sustainability.

To access the questionnaire, you should be a registered user of our Portal. Please see the Supplier Portal Guidelines: MENU > Documents > New Supplier > Supplier Portal Guidelines and the Self Assessment guidelines for detailed instructions: MENU > Documents > Sustainability > Sustainability Self Assessment.

In case of issues within the Sustainability Module (contents, navigation, others), please place a support request by clicking on the HELP button in the toolbar of this module.

• Assessment information should be an overall view of the entire organization/holding, including all subsidiaries. If you received this invitation but are not competent person to do it, we kindly ask you to forward it to the person in charge within your organization.

• In case your company replied to our questionnaire in the previous years, all information provided has been stored and can now be confirmed by a number of simple steps. See the Self Assessment guidelines to find out how.

• The deadline to complete the self-assessment questionnaire is January 30, 2020.

We value your participation in this essential program.

CNH Industrial Supply Chain Sustainability