15 Dec 2017

IRW Management Tool for Pithampur plant

We inform you that an Information Technology project concerning Interim Recovery Worksheet (IRW) management is going to be implemented  through a dedicated Informative System.
This new system, known as IRW Management Tool will be operative in Case New Holland Construction Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd. Pithampur plant, and it will gradually be extended to the other CNH Industrial plants in India.
Thus, Interim Recovery Worksheet (IRW) related to CNH Industrial Pithampur plant and referred to the all projects, will be submitted through this System.

With regards to Pithampur plant, having assumed the aim to subsitute the usage of IRW submission by paper and mail, the implementation date of IRW Tool will be January 15, 2018.

Troubleshooting and help will be ensured through the usual ticketing tool used for SQP.