28 Jun 2019

CPO CNH Indusrial Letter to Suppliers regarding the Supplier Portal

Dear Suppliers, 

It has been over two years since we launched our Supplier Portal. As we are currently implementing a new Global Purchasing Platform (GPP), the Portal’s functionalities are being extended and it is becoming the primary communication tool within CNH Industrial Purchasing.

Going forward, gradually all our communications to Suppliers will be managed exclusively through the Portal, including major processes such as new Supplier Enablement, Purchase Orders delivery to Suppliers, Accounts Payable information available on-line and others. We expect that it will enhance our collaboration efficiency and quality, facilitating access to the most updated information and documents. 

If you have not done it yet, I would like to invite you to register to our Portal and to get familiar with it. Among others, it is essential to make sure your Company’s contact information is available on the Portal, so that our key communications towards you are properly addressed. The attached guidelines will provide you some useful information to start with.  

In case you need it, our Portal support teams and your primary contacts within the CNH Industrial purchasing organization are available to help.

I do count on your support in this important matter, and I thank you for your continuous dedication to our Company.  

Yours sincerely, 

Sergio Carpentiere 

Chief Purchasing Officer

CNH Industrial