25 Jan 2021

2020 Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire | FINAL REMINDER

Dear Valued Suppliers,

This is our final reminder for Suppliers who have not completed our 2020 Supplier Sustainability Self-Assessment (SSSA) Questionnaire yet to kindly do it by January, 30th 2021.

If your Company has already replied to the questionnaire, please make sure it has been saved, otherwise it will remain active/incomplete.

All companies should provide their SSSA questionnaire via the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal: MENU > Modules > Quality > Sustainability Tool.
If you cannot access the Portal, please write an e-mail to supplieraccess@cnhind.com
If you cannot see your Company on the initial screen of the questionnaire (error message when searching for your Company), please open a ticket by clicking on HELP - manual is attached.
Companies which replied last year can edit or confirm provided information that have been stored in our system: please see the Self-Assessment guidelines to find out how.
Please remember to close the questionnaire by saving it in the end - otherwise it will remain still "active" in our records.
Guidelines can be found under MENU > Documents > Sustainability > Sustainability Self Assessment, including the Portal, Sustainability Tool and HELP manuals.

The participation of all Supplier companies is strongly recommended and the result will be reflected on the Supplier Scorecard.

If you are not the competent person to manage this activity, we kindly ask you to please forward it to the proper professional in charge within your organization.

We conduct the questionnaire yearly as a strategic part of our Supply Chain Sustainability management process with the aim to promote best practices and continuous improvement and to evaluate to what extent Suppliers meet our requirements in the field of sustainability. As a sustainability leader in our industry, we are actively engaged in reducing CO2 emissions and carbon footprint, improving occupational safety and promoting a life-cycle thinking approach, while engaging employees, local communities and suppliers.

We count on your participation in this essential program.

Thank you,

CNH Industrial Supply Chain Sustainability