08 Feb 2018

Attention to all SQP users

Dear Supplier,

In order to improve the process of contacts gathering and to avoid you a double work, we changed the system making it more effective and efficient: the mandatory contacts filling requested to use the QUALITY SQP module will now be moved to the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal so that you only need to provide the data once.

A popup will appear at logon to warn you of completing the entry of contacts otherwise no Supplier Portal usage will be possible.

Clicking on ‘’Update Contacts’’, you will see the hierarchy of your company (GLOBAL ULTIMATE DUNS - HEADQUARTER DUNS  - DUNS MANUFACTURING LOCATION). At each level you will have the possibility to click on the Plus icon to add contacts.


More detailed information are available in the section ‘’Documents’’ à ‘’Training Documents’’ à ‘’User Administration’’ folder à ‘’Contacts entry by suppliers – guidelines’’.


Keeping updated your contact information is essential for CNH Industrial to effectively exchange business communication. Thank you for your cooperation.



CNH Industrial Supplier Portal Team