10 Jul 2017

Attention: EDI Suppliers that Deliver to NAFTA Plants


Dear EDI Suppliers,


As of July 10, 2017 spot buy POs will be included on the CNH Industrial Supplier Portal for all NAFTA manufacturing plants. 


For suppliers receiving the orders via EDI, Spot Buy orders will be identified with a new reference segment in the EDI 830 or DELFOR transactions. For specific details, visit the Supplier Portal and navigate to Documents > EDI > CNH Industrial Manufacturing Plants > ANSI X.12 or EDIFACT > Spot Buy.


We will test and implement this new EDI Spot Buy functionality for EDI suppliers upon your request. Suppliers should contact wwedi@cnhind.com to begin receiving Spot Buys via EDI.  You will not get spot buys via EDI unless you contact us.


All suppliers  that ship to NAFTA manufacturing plants are required to do Enhanced Pickup Requests, PUNs, ASNs and electronic invoices for all shipments including spot buys.  If an EDI supplier chooses not to receive spot buys via EDI, they will be required to retrieve their POs from the supplier portal, either in the Delivery Schedules or in the Purchasing Documents module.  In this case, the supplier is still required to submit Enhanced Pickup Requests, PUNs, ASNs and electronic invoices for spot buys. 


All suppliers need to be diligent to use the correct PO on every transaction.




CNH Industrial EDI Support