Operational News
26 Jun 2018 Hot topic

Attention NAFTA Suppliers shipping to plants worldwide

 Attention NAFTA Suppliers shipping to plants worldwide CNH will be changing export freight forwarder from Hellmann to JAS Worldwide for suppliers shipping out of the USA, CAN, MEX to the CNH pla

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07 Jun 2018

SQP new enhancements are in release

With the present communication we announce that, since tomorrow June 08th, some important modifications will be in place in SQP. Due to this fact SQP will be inactive tomorrow June 8th in the time sl

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20 Feb 2018

IRW Management Tool for FPT Turin Driveline plant

  We inform you that the Interim Recovery Worksheet (IRW) management is implemented  through a dedicated Informative System.   This system, known as IRW Management Tool is ope

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08 Feb 2018

Attention to all SQP users

Dear Supplier, In order to improve the process of contacts gathering and to avoid you a double work, we changed the system making it more effective and efficient: the mandatory contacts filling reque

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